Google Live View

Google Maps now has AR enabled directions

With a beta feature called Live View, you can use augmented reality (AR) to better see which way to walk. Arrows and directions are placed in the real world to guide your way.
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Awesome! So how exactly do we get this? Will it just show up in an upcoming Maps update?
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@andrew2 you do not want it. Be happy with what you don't have.
Cool, I imagine it will be a massive drain on data especially when travelling but looking forward to trying it
@aaronoleary I would assume a battery drain but I'm not sure how this would require much if any more data than a standard set of directions.
Works surprisingly well! I've tried it on my trip to Washington. We'd usually stop/sit somewhere and figure out our next destination. This feature helps a lot just figuring out where to start going. After that, you don't really need to have it enabled, the old good way still works the best. The only time the old way doesn't work is when you're in downtown and there's many tall buildings around. Your gps signal is very weak and you don't know exactly where you are or to go. So the camera + map would help you a lot. Love it!
How do I use this new feature on an iPhone? I don't see any new buttons or options that might turn this feature on.
This functionality is eating my battery. I tried coupe time using it but then I just fall back to my regular google maps.
@michaeln how did you get access to this feature?