Google Inbox Signatures

Create HTML signatures in Google's Inbox

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One of the most common requests for Google inbox was to have email signatures. With this chrome extension, you can.
@davidspinks The rare 5:30pm submission. Bold move.
@davidspinks is a bold human. Solid hunt. @staringispolite
@davidspinks @gregisenberg Indeed he is :) Are you both using Inbox on web? I tried, but went back to gmail real fast. (gInbox is still my default for mobile)
@davidspinks Tried on web-only. Haven't tried mobile yet!
@staringispolite Tried on web-only. Haven't tried mobile yet!
Nice find @davidspinks ! Someone connected to the Gmail team told me that the new Inbox was designed and developed for mobile but the they ended up launching it on the web too because... well, why not. How so very Google of them. ;) I'm a part of Google's "Top Contributor" program for Gmail. Fancy title for someone who helps answer questions posted to the Gmail forum. Excited to share this with the hundreds of people who have requested, demanded (and threatened mass uproar) over the absence of signature functionality.
Seems like it is no longer available. Tried to find an alternative, but no luck.
For the longest time, I have not had a signature in my corporate Inbox account because it's not supported. However, I just found a service that does work with Inbox corporate (finally!):