Google Forms Notifications

Send instant emails when someone submits your Google Form

With Email Notifications for Google Forms, you can send personalized emails whenever someone submits your form. The emails can be automatically sent to the form owner, the respondent or anyone else. You can also send conditional emails that are sent to different people based on the user's answers in the form.

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Thanks for hunting @labnol please tell us more about how this product works - what the use case is and how to install it, I had a look on your website for support information but got stuck! I think the way the website flows is a bit complicated, I'd love to see clearer direction on where to go, how it works... maybe an infinite scrolling layout would work better. Thanks
@abadesi Sorry, this is now fixed.
The Google Forms add-on sends form data by email whenever a user submits your Google Form. You can send email notifications to the form submitter, the form owner, your team members or to any other email addresses. The emails can include the form data and they can be personalized using variable fields. For instance, if you put Dear {{First Name}} in the subject, the variable will be merged with that actual data from the form submission. Watch this video to learn more about the Google Forms Addon.