Google Feud

Family Feud meets Google. Guess the autocomplete query.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2015

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This is fun and very difficult. People search Google for the strangest things. h/t @alyssabereznak for tipping me off to this one.
@rrhoover I just spent 20 mins playing, it's great. Are there other apps you've seen in the category of "data as games"?
@matthartman That would be a good collection.
This is reasonably amazing. I wish it were a little more forgiving around answers that are essentially the same but worded slightly differently.
@bhalp1 Yeah, I agree. For the one we just did, two of the answers where "is an example of a/an" and "is an example of a an"... what?
I no longer trust the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button
Dare someone to get meta on this and create GoogleFuedFued - You have to guess what people answered on GoogleFued to each question - I got frustrated and entered some odd answers! Also, agree on the level of forgiveness, some flexibility would increase the fun for sure.
@joescarboro indeed! just like the game on tagging images which google used to have. :). pit yourself against a stranger
Pretty cool - needs a multiplayer option (if there isn't one? I don't see it). I just played my girlfriend and wanted to steal all her points
@rossdcurrie I could use a multi-player option too. Or, since I'll prob play in person, a simple timer could help keep the game moving. Such a fun game.