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The product is very simple and deserves more improvements, but works really well. Maybe it'll encourage Google to improve their own built-in experience and add more features to Google Docs!
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UPDATE: Last month Heroku shut me down because the app has been used by a hacker to make a phishing document. The app is now hosted somewhere else, but I wrote the whole story there: http://augustin-riedinger.fr/en/... Your support will be appreciated!
@aug_riedinger Will you be posting where to find the app now that it has moved?
@fallingup79 https://gdoc.pub is still available at the same URL. :)
@aug_riedinger I can see it now. Last week it wasn't coming up. Thanks! :)
Gives your google doc some sex appeal :-)
One of these great ideas you wonder why they don't exist for quite some time ;-) Thanks!
Brilliant! Makes it SO much better. You wonder why Google didn't think of that in the first place! Thanks!!!!!
nice, beyond spacing and columing are you planning to improve the layout of a google doc in different ways? can you add a download to pdf somewhere?
@ourielohayon Thanks for positive feedback! Do you think of anything particular when suggesting to improve Google Doc Layout? At first, the plan would be to handle all the possible layouts Google Docs offers by default. Regarding the export to pdf, it would be nice if I could access the Google Docs built-in one but I'm afraid it won't be possible. But at least, I'll make a quick update so that printing (Ctrl + P) behaves well. Then if the user has a PDF printer, he is good to go. Though I agree a link in there would be better.
@aug_riedinger for eg change the background, or modify with new fonts, or frame the pictures or between line spacing
@ourielohayon Regarding the background color, this could be a parameter in the url `gdoc.pub/?bg=black` though URLs would quickly become ugly, which might not be the best. Concerning the doc content itself, I must say it shall be tempting to add more custom styling, but I guess the point of the tool is to let the user edit his own style through the WYSIWYG Google doc interface. Overriding this would be very error prone, and could be frustrating to the user, couldn't it?