Google Design Sprint Starter Kit

This Kit helps you to run your first Google Design Sprint.

#1 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2017

This Starter Kit helps you to run your first Google Design Sprint. More information on the methods and tools used can be found at

The Starter Kit includes:

• Planning Schedule

• Expert Invitation List

• Shopping List

• Email Templates

• Introduction Slide-Deck

• Sprint Week Calendar

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19 Reviews2.2/5
@blairrorani I've had some hiccups on my server. Sorry. Links should all work again now.
Silly. Wasted $1 on this.
@nussieinhorn As mentioned in my email: Thanks for spending the dollar, but it was clearly offered for free. Nonetheless I'm sorry if you expected more. Could you be more specific? I received a lot of great feedback and can surely think of an update to the Starter Kit. Best, Oliver
I'm sorry but it's free but I have to pay for it? How is that?
@aopotter you don't. Simply enter 0 dollars. It's free, but it's also possible to pay for it to tip the creator (me). But please feel free to download it for 0 dollars and have a great design Sprint! 🙌