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New, amazing contact manager

#3 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2015
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Just tried this out - super super cool (doesn't work on Google App accounts yet by the way). Key features right now: -get rid of duplicates -keep your contacts up to date automatically -save your recent emails + meetings (pulled from their blog post)
@tzhongg the lack of Google Apps support is the strangest thing for Google. Should of course be inverted (support paying customers first). Ah well. I'll wait a year. :)
UI is very nice, clean, bright, easy to read
Google design really stepping up their game recently!
A very welcome change to complement Google Inbox. As a Gmail user for a decade, it was always hard to wonder how something as powerful and awesome as Gmail could exist, revolving around contacting people, while Google Contacts seemed to get next to no attention. The material design looks so great and the UI is snappy to search and display contacts -- a marked improvement over the previous version. I did not "merge all" because I'd rather do them by hand to filter old school email addresses, etc., but the merges I did were successful and fast. The list of recent conversations on the contact detail page is a really nice touch as well. It'd be even better if these links launched Inbox (instead of Gmail).