Google Art Project

Chrome extension from the Google Cultural Institute

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"With this extension, you’ll see masterpieces from Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and other iconic artists from museums around the world in every new Chrome tab. The artwork is refreshed every day, or change the settings to see a new image every time you open a new tab."
@nikkielizdemere Not sure why the default setting is daily instead of new tab. Getting new art every time you open a new tab is amazing.
This "experience in another tab" seems to be a trend catching on. BarkBox just launched something similar with the spin of dog adoption (also awesome).
I wish we could combine these images with the functionality of Momentum, the chrome plug-in which has generic nature photos with a to do app.
Installed today. It's really very pretty. Making the web browsing experience way more beautiful.
Also check out JuicyDrops for more flexible streams of art via Instagram :