Easy and fast tool for Google Analytics Data Import feature. Verify your cost data and upload it in a few clicks without diving into CSV
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22 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, it’s Margo from OWOX BI! So glad and proud to present this add-on to the Product Hunt community! We know how hard it is for analysts and marketers to manually upload all this data in one place then download it to another place (yup, been there too). So we are decided, enough is enough! And created add-on for cost data upload :) How does it work? Simple as ABC: Install our Add-on. Select the cost data to download into Google Analytics. The add-on can find possible errors and give you the hints on how to fix them. No work with CSV files is needed. Click “UPLOAD”. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Your cost data is uploaded. We do hope you’ll like this add-on and it will become a faithful assistant in your important analytics work!
Easy tool for cost data uploading in Google Analytics. Small tip: you can calculate and send organic search traffic cost to your Google Analytics account for measuring ROI for SEO.
@dmitry_osiyuk thank you for your feedback. How long have you been using our add-on?
@dmitry_osiyuk thank you for the review, we appreciate it.
@dmitry_osiyuk we really appreciate you are using our product for such a long time!
Congratulations for the product launch! I’ve been using this tool for several months and it’s really helpful and simple. Y’all are great!
@eugenelata Thank you! Glad you enjoy the tool.
@eugenelata Sounds like people who have tried it are mostly very satisfied. Will have to check it out, for sure.
Looks like it’s a simple tool to work with. Can’t wait to try it!
@anna_kissel looking forward to your feedback:)
Glad to know you have such an add-on. Especially the part about “no CSV anymore” is interesting. I’ll definitely try it when I have more data.
@max_zubenko thank you, Max! We're looking forward to your feedback!