Google Ads Audit by Clever Ads

Audit your Google Ads campaigns & improve your performance.

Audit your Google Ads campaigns for free within seconds and use our suggestions for improving their performance.
We will reveal which of your campaigns are not being successful and why so you know exactly what is failing and how to fix your Google Ads.
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8 Reviews4.4/5
I love this product, really useful and interesting and totally free service, and it is not a lie like in other cases
@lucier_naga I’m glad you like it! We’ll keep working on improving and offer new Google Ads services accessible for everyone.
Great insights to improve my online campaigns. Helped me save some money and time.
@victor_minguela1 And that’s exactly the purpose of the products we develop! If you already know what to improve, you won’t spend hours trying to analyze your Google Ads.
Not recommended. The idea of linking the account under their MCC is super wrong. I don;t think the main goal is to create nice audit reports but increase their kick back from Google.
@dambil I think the reason why they need to access your Google Ads account is to obtain the data to perform the analysis.
@laura_sanchez They don't need to link the accounts to their MCC for that though :/
Looks great. Would be curious to know what deeper insights this is able to uncover compared to the native suggested insights within my account?
@lachlankirkwood Hi Lachlan! We monitor your Google Ads campaigns and show you alerts in case significative changes happen in terms of CPA, spend and conversions, comparing the performance of your campaigns with previous periods of time. The report makes suggestions on how to improve the quality score of your keywords for increasing your CTR, but also other suggestions for making your campaigns more efficient overall. The analysis our software performs will show you bid improvements for getting a better performance by optimizing the segmentation of your campaigns in terms of gender, age, devices and keywords. It also analyzes your keywords and verify all of them are relevant for your site and have the right match type. To sum it up, Google insights usually guide you to have your campaigns as complete as possible so you use all the functionalities Google Ads have available (sitelinks, extensions, automatic bidding methods, etc.). Our product is more focused on performance. We analyze what is performing properly on your Google Ads campaigns and what isn’t, and show you the adjustments needed for improving your Google Ads campaigns.
@ricardo_cancar Nice, sounds like it gleans some valuable insights!
Great insights, I am new to this whole Google Ads world and it has been a great help! Utterly recommended!
@pablo_adell It makes us really happy that you found it useful! We’ll keep working on adding more features soon.