Google Ad Highlighter

A Chrome extension that highlights ads inside search results

Google recently pushed a change to the way it displays search results, further blurring the line between ads and genuine results. This lightweight Chrome extension makes sure the difference remains crystal clear.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Great use-case. Tried it out. Great job! Doesn't seem to highlight sponsored results on top though.
@mathew_george glad you like it! I haven't seen that issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot?
Any plans to develop a Firefox add-on?
@petemerrill If you have Tampermonkey installed in Firefox, you can use this script: https://gist.githubusercontent.c...
Ah great plugin. I'd created pretty much the exact same design as a script for tampermonkey to highlight Google ads:
After the latest update for Google search, their UI becomes terrible because I can't easily identify an ads anymore. This extension works well! Thanks.
why should you trust someone else to inject random code into your browser while you could do it in a couple of minutes? This is what I have done: