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I know a ton of people love to hate on Google+ but I wouldn't entirely discount its potential. I learned that apparently they're seeing 1.2M (yes, that's an "M") community joins per day (yes, that's "day"). According to their blog post announcement, they've redesigned G+ with a focus on communities and collections (i.e., finding and connecting with people that have similar interests). Sounds similar to reddit. cc @alexisohanian @heathwblack I also learned more about zombie cats.
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@rrhoover Whoa whoa whoa...zombie cats?
@rrhoover I totally agree. In a lot of cases I get much better engagement on G+ compared to say Twitter. Especially within the communities.
@rrhoover The focus on shared interests and niche communities reminds me of Ning back in the day.
@lauraglu oh yeah! Ning!
@rrhoover I would *love* to see a G+ renaissance because we have a HUGE following there, but we've seen nothing but crap engagement.
When you hunted this, I honestly thought it was a joke
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Also if you're interested in the geeky parts of this redesign. We moved to a mobile first responsive solution. Before home page weight: 22,600 KB After: 327 KB And a much richer set of UI animations, transitions, & more. This is the same framework we launched on Google Photos earlier this year. details here:
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@lukew I've just gone through its case study. Wow! 327 kb, it's awesome!
I like the fact that they don't give up lol
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We're rolling out today on Web. In coming days on iOS & Android. Stay tuned!
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@lukew Excited that Google is still invested in Google+ and Social, but what we might get in faster loading speed feels cancelled out by actions taking more clicks to accomplish. I want Google+ to feel more social and personal + am still hoping for a Google Social App (or component) that uses Google Photos powers beyond the initial amazing app I use daily. The idea that people could just choose already made creations to easily share and comment on in their phone focused on gifs, videos, collages, panos, stories, etc. would feel original, like a 'Rediscover Your Camera Roll/Photog History' type possible -- also Collections themselves feel like they'd be more fun as their own app dedicated to content. Google+ On!