Goodwell Toothbrush

Open source, eco-friendly toothbrush w/a subscription plan

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ece (。◕‿◕。)
@ecetweets · Product @ Mashable
While I'm not convinced of the benefits of an extra app just to track my brushing & flossing, I do love the contemporary design & environmentally friendly compostable brush heads. And the subscription plan! It shouldn't be hard to do but somehow I am always forgetting to replace/buy brush heads for my current Oral B brush. A delivery in the mail woul… See more
Simon Blake
@simonatpaddle · Community and Brand Development
For 70 bucks I'd rather buy the 2-3 toothbrushes I buy a year (one due to wear/tear, 2 due to loss) and include a visit to the dentist. I agree with the environmental issue but to make a difference you need to convince the majority that a 70 buck a year open-source toothbrush is worth every penny. Doesn't even include toothpaste!