Goodwater Insights

Tracks consumer sentiment for top apps and services.

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Goodwater Consumer Insights systematically tracks consumer behavior trends across hundreds of consumer technology apps and services. For our initial launch on May 9, 2017 (one day ahead of SNAP earnings), Insights highlights consumer trends for 4 large scale players – Snapchat, Facebook (including Instagram), Twitter and Pinterest. Over time, we will be publicly releasing our data for other companies such as Uber, Lyft, Spotify, Pandora, and many others. The data will be updated quarterly ahead of public company earnings announcements. There are 4 key components of Insights: 1. Customer Love Score: Our proprietary customer sentiment score provides a weekly score of where consumer sentiment for a service is trending. It answers simple questions such as “How satisfied is Snapchat’s user base?” and “How does Snapchat compare to Instagram?” We ingest thousands of public data sources and process them in real time to come up with our proxy for customer satisfaction 2. Sentiment word clouds: Our word clouds lay out how consumers most frequently describe a particular product with respect to positive and negative associations. We analyze customer reviews and conduct our own interviews and surveys to create with these word clouds. Positive sentiment phrases provide insight into how the product is used and which aspects of the product users love, while negative sentiment phrases surface common annoyances, feature requests, and responses to product changes. Snapchat’s word cloud highlights public resentment towards “alleged” comments Evan Spiegel made about India, while positive sentiment has consistently been about filters and social features of the app. 3. Survey Panel: Every quarter we launch a 3,000 person consumer survey across a diverse set of consumers representing all ages, demographics and geographies of the US. We systematically track the usage of hundreds of apps, market share changes between competing apps and increased (or decreased) usage of apps within key customer segments. Surprisingly, Snapchat Stories lost market share to Instagram Stories over the past 6 months AND Facebook Stories (which launched in March of 2017) has quickly taken 12% share, likely engaging a large group of people who previously had not used Stories at all. 4. Financials: The final section includes key financials that investors will be paying particular attention to ahead of quarterly earnings announcement. We publish not just historical data, but what “street” expectations are and if companies meet, beat or miss expectations. While there is limited data for Snapchat, we do see that analysts are expecting significant revenue growth as the company continues to be unprofitable.
@chchien looks very cool. Why does Goodwater as a seed-series a stage vc fund have an interest in Facebook/twitter/snap sentiment? does it aid your decision making in startups building on those platforms?