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Hi All. Just hot off the press yesterday. The idea is for us to continuously strive towards providing you with the highest converting UI page templates out there. As we learn from running a/b tests on an ongoing basis, we'll be capturing our insights in a number of flexible, popular and ready-to-use formats such as: Balsamiq, Illustrator and Axure. Expect to gain the best and always evolving templates for your key conversion pages. Enjoy :)
This is awesome. As a prototyper, I'm always looking for points to start projects that give me a boost. What I wonder here is: A-- Is this priced for freelancers or agencies? I just left my agency to strike out on my own, but the price is just a *bit* too much for me as a freelancer. B-- How much of conversion is project dependent? On the one hand, I think of this is as a kind of boost, but having done user testing far and wide, what converts for say cardiac physicians isn't the same as what converts for teenage girls. It looks like your product answered this question by simply giving tons of templates, but how do I know as a designer what will be the best guess for a good fit to start a project? In the end, obviously, testing is necessary, but where would one start? C-- How interactive are the templates? I use Axure, and one of the main USPs of Axure is that I can basically create mockups so hi-fi that it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the mockups and the real thing. Are these mostly static?
@UXAndrew Thanks for those thoughts. Here are some answers: A: It's priced to save someone a few hours of their time from freelancers to agencies by providing a conversion kickstart. Of course agencies will benefit more as they share assets. ROI is pretty high we think :) B: I think whether it's a cardiac physician or a car mechanic doesn't matter that much. I doubt we'll be distinguishing between audience types. There can be too many audience types and they won't have an affect on conversion that much. From a conversion standpoint, we look for tips and ideas from psychology which apply to humans. What might matter more is the source of traffic and how much exposure the user had to a product. Whether the lead is warm or cold matters more in this case... so that might be interesting to distinguish. C: Right now they are pretty flat. Some day we might offer HTML+CSS and in that case interactivity will matter more. Axure might also be a good format to explore interactivity as you say as well. Thanks for the ideas. Cheers, Jakub