GoodUI Evidence

People's A/B test results that show which UI ideas work best

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Two Questions: 1. Do you trust other people's A/B tests? 2. How do you use past A/B tests on your own projects? - Jakub
@jlinowski I don't know if you could trust them outright, but this looks like a great starting point. Especially when trying to convince a boss/client to simply *try* some A/B testing. Often the biggest hurdle I find when A/B testing is getting the buy-in I need to try it in the first place.
@clarklab @davidiwanow Agreed that the data is still thin. I wonder what would be the reaction if for each idea there were 10, 20, 30? tests? It's a live project of course and we'll be adding more tests for sure.
@clarklab @jlinowski How can anyone argue against A/B testing? There's no losing to be had--you'll always be optimizing. Are people actually saying they don't want that?
@mbmusgrove @jlinowski budget, timelines, staff/skills, arrogance, etc. I see it so, so often. It's insane.
Interesting enough idea to crowd source the data, I think it's a great platform for inspiration of what you can test... less so taking the numbers without doing the test yourself....
Crowdsourcing of A/B testing. It's all about the scalability of tests and # of submissions. It would be interesting for you guys to collaborate with other A/B testing tools in the market and aggregate anonymous information. Rock on!
I've been a subscriber and fan of GoodUI for some time—thanks for all you do!
Seems odd that having social proof decreases conversion rate. Any insights on the methodology of the tests?
@topdesignme The test you are referring to ( is just one dealing with Social Proof. I'm sure once we start adding other ones, we should see some positive ones as well. The -% in Test003 could be a result from negative comments.