GoodTask 3 for Mac

Task manager based on Apple's reminders and calendars

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Hi everyone, my name is Hanbum Kim and I'd like to introduce GoodTask 3 for Mac. GoodTask 3 for iOS was released few months ago and GoodTask 3 for Mac is counterpart of it on macOS platform. GoodTask is a task manager app based on Apple's Reminders and Calendars that you can use as simple checklist or even as complex project management tool. It's highly customizable with many powerful features which makes it possible. There has been big improvements from previous GoodTask versions and if you're using GooodTask 3 for iOS, this will be the one you've been waiting for. With all the new features that GoodTask 3 provides, and with 'Auto Preferences Sync' which syncs all the lists and settings with iOS devices, your productivity will get a boost. GoodTask 3 for Mac is currently on sale ($9.99) on Mac App Store and you can try free for 14 days by downloading trial version on If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!
@hanbumkim good job !! , think move my task to your app ☺️ have one problem why all task auto delete problem iCloud sync ?
@napat_hello I'm not quite sure what you mean. All the tasks shown on GoodTask are directly from Reminders app
@hanbumkim ok enable iCloud sync on iPhone solve problem 😓
$9.99 SALE price seems really expensive, especially so for a task app. I do like how you offer a trial thru your website, but $9.99 seems overpriced, even for the retail price. Just my $0.02 / opinion of course.
@anodigital Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind telling me what price point do you think is reasonable for a task app on Mac? Also it would be helpful if you can tell me what app/service you're currently using as a task managing app. Thanks!
@hanbumkim @anodigital i agree $10 sale implies that it will be $15-$20 and thats definitely too much as there are SO MANY great and free alternatives out there. im not saying the functionality and execution arent worth it, but you also have to see current options on the market. im passing for now for another reason though. as an Android user a todo app that doesnt sync to my phone is just useless.
Looks amazing! Will play around with it to see if it fits my workflow. Cheers!
@camillovisini Thanks! Hope you like it. :)
This looks fantastic. How long will the sale last for?
@iamgp Thanks! Not fixed but it'll probably be on sale for few weeks. :)
@hanbumkim I think this would work even better as a menu bar app.
@rstankov Thanks for the suggestion. :)