GoodTask 3

Task manager based on iOS reminders and calendars

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Hi everyone, my name is Hanbum Kim and I would like to introduce GoodTask 3 which has just been released. GoodTask is a task manager app based on iOS Reminders and Calendars that you can use as simple checklist or even as complex project management tool. It's highly customizable with many powerful features which makes it possible. GoodTask has been available since 2013 and more than 20 updates were made since then. It has expanded to support Mac too on 2014. Many have loved the app since and with help of lots of feedback, GoodTask 3 has been made from scratch to make it more powerful. GoodTask 3 has just been released as a new app and is free to download with In-App Purchase for Pro features ($4.99). Also there are supporters model of 1 dollar a month (3,6,12 months) which is optional. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!
@hanbumkim looks great!!! ☺️☺️☺️
I agree with the reviews on the app store. The mobile version of the iOS reminders app is pretty solid and this is definitely an improvement but not as valuable as a good replacement for the seriously terrible OSX Reminders app. Hoping for a v3 on OS X :)
@arlogilbert Currently working on OS X version too. :)
Great update...fixes any and all concerns I had with previous versions! Will there also be an OS X refresh at some point?
@bleachedsleet Yup, in about few months. :)
New update took sooo long, hopefully GoodTask 3 for OS X coming shortly and developer don't delay it. - Also, Thanks for the apple watch app, just PLEASE add Complication.
@shahinix I'll do my best. :)
Weird, Goodtask twitter account said it would be a free upgrade for version 2 users. New app and a new IAP isn't free. So long, Goodtask.
@joshuaarnao If you've got v2 installed, pop-up unlocking for free will be shown after intro page. Thanks! :)