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Siddarth Chaturvedi
Siddarth ChaturvediMaker@kidsid49 · Founder at Goodshows
Hi Guys, I am Siddarth from Goodshows - “Premier community for TV geeks and movie fanatics”. We are super excited to tell you that we have released our new android app and the v2.0 (big update) of our iOS app. Our major update is all about adding new interesting things to the timeline which includes: (1) New episodes: New episodes notifications in the timeline will make it easier for you to review them and also read what others are saying. (2) Friend Suggestions: We made easier to connect with people with similar movies and TV show tastes by putting them in "Friends Suggestions" in your timeline. (3) Trending shows: Know what is trending in the community. (4) Milestones: When you complete 50 movie reviews, it is bad if we just notify you about that. With milestone posts, all your followers will also see your milestones, give you some love and discover from the list of your reviews something that interests them. We want to build Goodshows into an incredible community where your opinions lead to engaging and interesting conversations. Our users already started saying that “They now found a GetGlue replacement” or referring it as “Goodreads for movies and TV shows”. Let me know what you think. I'll be around to reply to all your questions!
Kamal Kant Kosariya
Kamal Kant Kosariya@kkkosariya · Co-founder AppLaunchpad
I have been Beta testing this app since start. The best thing I like about Goodshows is the reviews. In terms of reviews users are pretty active & authentic. Although I wish if it also had a web interface.
Damien Tsnkff
Damien Tsnkff@tsnkff · Front-End. Sometimes I design
Hi ! I was wondering, do you have a difference that would make me switch from ? ps: Love the hero of the landing ! :)
Siddarth Chaturvedi
Siddarth ChaturvediMaker@kidsid49 · Founder at Goodshows
@tsnkff Goodshows is more about the vibrant community than a TV calendar app where you can discuss your opinions and discover new shows based on your friend's and like-minded people's recommendations. We got movies as well :)
Damien Tsnkff
Damien Tsnkff@tsnkff · Front-End. Sometimes I design
@kidsid49 I'll give it a try then. Picking a movie can be so hard sometimes :)
Salman Shah
Salman Shah@designavenger · Visual, UI/UX Designer
@tsnkff when real people suggesting you that movie I think you can't say no than 😉. Goodshows is that kind of stuff😊
JJ@just2jays · Full-Stack Web Developer
Love these types of services, just wish it would sync w/
Shirish Mishra
Shirish Mishra@_shirishmishra
A much needed app for movie buffs. I can instantly have reviews for the recent movies/shows I am interested in. Also, with the help of the "likes" feature, I can then figure out if the reviews are subjective or are they really good/bad. I can follow people with similar interests and thus can find more interesting "good shows" :) It's nice to have these features available in the palm of your hand. Regarding the other side, the founders/developers will have to keep in mind the network effect to make the product more useful. Overall, a very useful product.