Make your coworker's day, every day. On Slack

GoodRipple is a bot that gives you ideas how to make your coworker's day and matches you up

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Hey PH, Thanks, @_jacksmith for hunting GoodRipple! Rama from GoodRipple here. This is what led to me GoodRipple: I was senior in-house counsel for a global bank and in my daily busy life realized I was not making time for the small and yet meaningful moments of connection with people in my life. Knowing nothing about tech and startups, I decided to quit my job, packed my bags and moved from London to the San Francisco Bay Area to solve this problem. I made many mistakes (or optimistically had 'necessary' learning moments) along the way. Now here is the GoodRipple Slack bot: I help you make a coworker’s day. Pro tip: 1. 10% discount for the first year! Just let me know in the comments you would like that. Non profits on Slack who cannot afford to pay, we will be free for them, so do spread the joy to them :-) 2. The bot is not that ‘smart’ - responds to certain commands only. 3. We are officially in the Slack App store. I thank the team at @Slack for their help and feedback. Would love your feedback. How can we make your work life better with GoodRipple? For team leaders, how can we help you build a great culture? I will be here to answer any questions. My journey, the learnings, mistakes and I have to thank so many people who have helped me and GoodRipple, being mentioned in the Financial Times, being part of an accelerator in Palo Alto - so grateful!
@esqrama But what does it do?
@punk_cakes the bot gives you ideas every day for small things you can do which will make your coworker's day, and you can let GoodRipple match you up. You can track how you are doing over time.
@punk_cakes @esqrama What about this makes it worth $48 / person / year?
@punk_cakes @shimmb thanks for your question. We believe the value to the individual in a team and the company is much larger than this amount. A happier, more socially connected person at work at a deeper human level, better norms of behavior at work, a better culture at work. To put this into context, one meal with a couple of drinks (paid by the company) is the same amount or more - the RoI on GoodRipple (vs a meal) to the individual and company, we believe is vastly superior. Does this answer your question?
This animation style is beautiful. I also really appreciate the empathetic and thoughtful concept overall.
@treggify thanks Tregg!
Rama, thanks for working to make the world a better place! Can you share any teams who are using this?
*Petition to make a PH category specifically for Wholesome Tech* This is such a cute product and helps foster a sense of community within the workplace 😌💚
@impishpimp Hi Fiona! Thanks! I would wholeheartedly second the Wholesome Tech move! 😌💚@ProductHunt
@impishpimp Would love to embed your comment on the @GoodRipple website? Ok with that?
@esqrama yes! that's totally fine!
Hi Gerrit, thanks for your kind words! We have companies ranging from 5 people to one with a couple of thousand people. A mix of in-person companies and distributed companies. A little spread out geographically all over the world. We think companies with 20+ people start to get the most value out of GoodRipple because the teams are less tightly knit than smaller units (broad generalization here). Hope this answers your question.