Goodreads for Amazon

Read Goodreads reviews for books as you shop for them.

Always forgetting to see what Goodreads has to say about a book before you buy it?
With the Goodreads for Amazon Chrome Extension, you can read high-quality Goodreads reviews on the Amazon product page, without having to leave the site.
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very helpful , i usually opened a tab for goodreads on my browser when i was buying book on amazon. Now i get goodreads reviewes right on my amazon page. However would it be better if you add the book summary/intro from goodreads on amazon page as well. Additionally can the extension show if i have the book in one of my lists on goodreads(would require login)
Simple but convenient. Thanks, mate.
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I shared something on here—hope you all find it useful, I'd be delighted to get any feedback you might have on my Goodreads for Amazon extension!
@rubencodes It seems to work on but not on . Can you enable for all amazon sub-domains?
@madhur_ahuja Will do! Thanks for letting me know :)
@madhur_ahuja It should now be available on all the Amazon TLDs I could find.
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