A random generator for design briefs.

#2 Product of the DayMay 26, 2019
GoodBrief is a random generator for design briefs. Choose the type of creative work and the industry, and goodbrief will generate a unique brief. You can use it for practice, to improve your skills, and to build your portfolio with lots of impressive projects.
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Hi PH! I went to an art and design school. There, I saw that the design students were always looking for ways to add to their portfolio, but that it was hard to get professional work without already having experience. That’s why I made goodbrief. It generates random design briefs—the document with all the specifications for the design that a hypothetical client would give you. This is something I have tinkered with on-and-off for a while, but this is it's first official launch. I'd love to hear any feedback, feature requests, even bug reports! I especially like seeing what others create based on these briefs, so please reach out to me if you end up using it!
this is cool, but some of the generated stuff doesnt make much sense. Like why would Noah's Ark Electronics do all American Finger food?
Really intuitive to use! Would be interested to know what data you sourced to train the text generation model?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! This isn't machine-learning, but the generations are based on researching real design briefs, products, and industries. Some might be a little quirky, but then so are real client briefs in my experience 😋
Your product is awesome. Thanks for share =)
@samuelrengifo Thank you!
This is wonderful. Anything like this for User Experience Researchers looking for Research related briefs? Or does the brief has a component of Research as well?
@anirudhbb That's a great idea for a future feature. For now, I suppose you could choose Website as a starting point, but it is of course missing info that a UX researcher would need 😊