Daily dog supplements personalized to your pup's needs.

Goodboy is a direct-to-consumer pet supplement brand delivering daily supplements flexibly, specifically tailored and targeted to fit every dog's unique health issues and goals.
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Goodboy aims to demystify the pet supplement aisle and deliver premium dog supplement subscriptions right to your doorstep. I’m super excited to share the launch today after months of challenging work and long nights from the team here in Atlanta. We've developed a unique and simple shopping experience. We've sifted through loads of research and technology to make it easier for you to discover and receive high-quality dog supplements, specifically tailored to your dog’s health needs. The team, led by @kari_sapp1 and myself, had a lot of fun building this out and are thrilled to be able to finally share it with you. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to helping your pups achieve their health goals.
@kari_sapp1 @stefan_lewinger got those Care/of vibes, haha. But really, love it though. Makes complete sense. Reminds me of Grocery Pup, except for supplements.
@jcwinte Thank you! Really appreciate the kind feedback.
How many different recipes/products do you offer? It's very nice that there's a guide to help you pick the right one for your dog, but it makes me wonder if you end up having to produce a large number of different combinations.
@nicholasmerten4 At launch, we have a handful of products that we've meticulously selected based on some of the top issues and health concerns for dogs today. We will be releasing more offerings in the near future as we determine more about our customers focuses and health goals for their pup!
The design looks amazing as well! I love the colors, iconography, and the visual form.
@sarrahfanny Thank you! It's been a really fun project to develop.