Good Web Bundle

Support great indie sites & apps for yourself or as a gift

MetaFilter, MLKSHK, NewsBlur, The Toast and ThinkUp teamed up to put together a holiday bundle for people to support these sites and apps while getting a good deal. And you can regift any part of the bundle to a friend.
Fantastic, fantastic deal and a great way to support the indie web. ThinkUp is my daily jam. I just love it.
Every single site in this is good, and run by great people!
Great sites that are worth supporting on content alone. However, the fact that these are among the best sites out there in terms of actively creating positive communities make them all the more valuable.
Reminds me of Humble (formerly Humble Indie Bundle) but for subscription-based services. I've been a long-time fan of what they're doing. I wonder if a pay-what-you-want model would generate more or less revenue than the $96 flat fee.
@rrhoover We definitely considered that, but actually didn't go that route solely for the sake of simplicity. Fewer choices, fewer decisions for people to make.