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Good St. makes giving a daily habit. Members join for 25¢/day and receive a daily email featuring one cause and two charities tackling that problem in a different way. For example the cause of the day yesterday was breast cancer with one charity supporting research for a cure and one would be providing some sort of family support.

  • Pros: 

    affordable, helps causes you may not even know about before



    Great way to give to the larger community

    Selby has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    great way to give back and hear about valuable organizations



    learning a lot about different ways to give back

    Derek Jacobi has used this product for one year.
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Joe Teplow
Joe TeplowMaker@joeteplow · Founder, Good St. + RebelMail
So excited to launch on product hunt today!! We rebranded and have a host of new features. We now allow you to rollover your daily donation if the cause of the day doesn’t resonate with you. Collectively these 25¢ donations add up! Our community has given nearly $200k to causes of importance.
Gabi M Weinberg
Gabi M Weinberg@gabi_m_weinberg · InvigorateGroup
This is the “Netflix for Giving” - you learn, you love, you give - been on since day one and highly recommend.
Easiest and most engaging way to give everyday. It's been amazing to see the community grow and the total donation/impact increase everyday!
Joshua Sakhai
Joshua Sakhai@joshuasakhai · Co-Founder, Ephemeral Tattoos
Been a user for last 4 or so months, and as a founder checking my email in the morning is, well... let's just say not a thrilling experience. But GoodSt's morning email makes it meaningfully better. Starting your day with giving - no matter how small the act - puts you in a better place to continue giving throughout the day, and GoodSt makes sure that's how you roll out of bed. Much love to the team
Ben Judah
Ben Judah@benjudah · Marketing and Communications Guy
Great email, great organisation, great causes and a great team. Absolutely fantastic.