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#4 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2014
Each day you'll receive an email with a cause of the day. Read about two charities addressing that cause and simply click to direct your donation! Sign up to give as little as 25¢ to charity every day Good St. provides a great way to give back as well as learn about new charities and organizations that are in need.
I sound like a parrot but I'm a big fan of email-based products for a number of reasons. This might be too foreign to users and potentially insecure but what do you think about giving recipients the opportunity to reply to the daily email to donate, @joeteplow?
@rrhoover good question! the way it actually works is members sign up with their credit card online for a recurring donation of $7.50 a month. That way users can just click donate in the email and we track the clicks to allot the funds. Super frictionless! Honestly its subject to some of the same security vulnerabilities of one time password reset tokens...but worst case scenario you forward it to a friend and they accidentally choose your charity for the day :) As a result we see something like 70% of users open daily and 60% click to allot their daily donation. If a user doesn't open or click their donation is divided prorate based on the way the community voted. This provided some of the impetus to found @gorebelmail ( We're powering secure interactive emails with a focus on ecommerce for now One click checkout inside of emails...doesn't get much easier than that :)
@joeteplow that's slick. Do you see certain types of charities do better than others?
@rrhoover I think we're just beginning to understand this. It's clear individuals display unique tendencies fairly quickly... for example when presented with a medical cause and a research charity vs. a support charity I almost always choose to support research. (maybe my personality values a potential long term solution for the masses over aiding those in need today) Perhaps more expected is the heavy influence the picture that we pair with the charity has on user choice (graphic, suffering etc. leads to higher selection). Our volunteers spend so long researching and writing about these charities in a balanced manner that we had to learn to put the same effort into picture choice.
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