Good Old PH 2017

Chrome extension going back to the old Product Hunt layout

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It would be great if PH kept it serious... out with all of the gimmick products such as the flurry of 'Trump' products and 'useless' bots
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PH recently started testing a new design. personally I found it really hard to use. @tchret has saved me by updating his Good Old PH extension to make it fix the new design. See below screenshot for a comparison: left is the new default PH design; on the right is with this Good Old PH extension installed:
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@_jacksmith @tchret It's pretty hard to use, maybe a mix between the new feed and the old main topics would be good. For now, I use the iOS app only, since it hasn't changed (yet)
@tsunaze what's hard to use? this design makes it more like the original ph design, where topics weren't a thing. personally I don't use topics and they just take up screen realestate for me. with this extension you can just for a topic (eg slack) then get a link to it:
@_jacksmith For example, I liked to listen to podcasts, and save books in lists so I could buy them for later, now I can't find them easily. But it's like Facebook's homepage changes, lot of people hates it at first, but they get used to it :)
@tsunaze i don't fully understand what you're saying. are you saying that you used to be able to save podcasts but the new ph design broke that workflow; or this extension doesn't allow you to do that? i agree this extension prob wont let you do that, as it just strips out all functionality back to the bare basics
@_jacksmith The new design broke "my workflow" for finding new games, podcasts, books. Everything other than the main (Tech) section.
I'd love to go back to the old design too, thanks
Still amazing in 2017 :)
@mxbraud even more amazing in 2017!
Wow, this good old UI seems so long ago already! Well done!