Good Old PH

Going back to the old Product Hunt layout

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I miss the old PH, newsletter PH the dot co PH, the tech only PH I hate the new PH, too noisy PH Join my live chat PH, follow this topic PH I miss the clean PH, minimally designed PH I gotta say, at that time I wish I had made PH See, Ryan invented PH, there wasn't any PH And now I look around and there's so many PH I used to love PH, I used to love PH Could never submit tho, I thought I was PH What if PH upvoted an app about PH Called the "Good Old PH", man that would be so PH We're always on PH, we still love PH And I hunt you like PH hunts PH cc @rrhoover (parody of Kanye's "I Love Kanye" track, for anyone that doesn't have a clue)
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@cmconsing HA! I wish I could upvote this comment 10 times.
@cmconsing also, here's a great article on cluttered designs.
@cmconsing @rrhoover Wow, this is brilliant.
@rrhoover @cmconsing I like the Old Man Hoover emoji 👴🏻
We were talking with @tchret about how much we loved the old Product Hunt layout and how much we would pay to go back and have it again and…HE DID IT! 😮 It’s a small chrome extension to return to a simpler and cleaner PH which puts more focus on the main feature. Well done champ! 🙌
For nostalgic people. The new layout is also cool so you can disable Good Old PH in settings. Like @mxbraud said, the extension is very small, you can find the code here.
@tchret @mxbraud Haha that logo!! looks just like @rrhoover I find it really interesting how people consume PH in different ways. This layout is like our iPhone app :)
@bentossell @tchret @mxbraud looks like me!? 👴🏼👍🏼
This is awesome! I'd use this as my main site if you could make it more like this version: i.e. remove the product thumbnail images (I don't care about them), make it more compact, and have an image of the hunter next to the product.
@_jacksmith Thank you for the model. I like the idea but the new HTML structure make it hard. &you don't have the hunter avatars anymore (except when you follow him).