Good News Bot

Need a little good news in your life?

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Just what 2016 needs.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Couldn't agree more.
Hola-- this is Jarod the maker here. I'm a developer at Twilio from San Diego and I decided late one night to build the Good News bot so that I could get some good news texted to me whenever I needed it. I wrote a quick post for Twilio with some code, Crocodile Dundee and cute pictures... you can read it here: Full code here:
@jreyesdesign Hey Jarod, couldn't authenticate although I received the code. Works in Hong Kong?
@bradleyisyoung Appreciate the feedback. Should work in Hong Kong. Try texting the number directly: +16468872835
@jreyesdesign can I receive good news in Messenger or Telegram? and can I choose the topics - for example good news in tech or about traveling?
@mikhail_ezhov yeah, surprised this is on SMS only.
@chrismessina @mikhail_ezhov Great ideas on both counts! Will add ASAP.
@jreyesdesign @chrismessina thanks a lot! also I mistakenly typed "Good News" in verification field and it passed, but the verification code I received latter was another..
is it possible to use it on messenger/hangouts/telegram/whatsapp instead of normal SMS?