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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2016
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Hey guys, great job! I really like the design approach, which is concise and minimalistic, but full of nice stylish details, like animation of the date. I also like that design background is light and full of air. Still, as many people like dark backrounds, especially for the products based on images and videos rather than text, perhaps giving users the option of changing the background could make user experience even more positive for someone. Anyway, for me personally it looks great and the video collection features nice works definitely worth watching. Heavy plus from me, I'm going to subscribe right now!
@myalanska Hi Marina, thanks so much! The colours actually invert when the sun goes down, so at night it has a dark background with white UI and type.
Hi guys, great job. I am trying to share this a friend of mine and facebook is saying its an unsafe link for some reason
@dnoparavandis Hey Dino! Yes we've actually run into some issues with facebook and instagram, we're working on figuring them out as we speak. And thank you for the kind words!
Fantastic! – hope there is an RSS feed subscription option added in the future.
@theleovogel Thanks Leo! We'll definitely take a look into the RSS feed subscription. We also currently tweet the latest post as we pick it, and at the end of each week we have a roundup of all the videos picked that week – if you're interested in keeping up in either of these ways :)
@ryan_mcshane @theleovogel RSS feed would be sweet. I don't want another email in my inbox everyday but an RSS feed I can catchup on when I have time.
I'm not sure about all the content, but this site exposed me to Audi's advertisement, and for that, I thank you:
Great motion design every day , love the interface, added it to my bookmarks. Also a suggestion to view videos that didn't make the cut, but are really good, would be great , because there is so much amazing content out there.