Good Morning from Highrise

A super simple way to manage a helpdesk or group inbox

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It was quite fascinating to hear about this feature being build at Work in Progress :)
@rstankov Thanks Radoslav! Yeah, if anyone wants to see a lot of the behind the scenes of how bits of this feature game together we chat about it a lot on Work in Progress. Even the name I wanted to be something different and warmer than the obvious alternatives. We touch on all the things that are hard to name in Basecamp too like projects :) And I'm happy to talk through anything here too if anyone wants to chat about anything at all.
I thought Highrise was still available but stuck in its current version forever... This product keeps on evolving? Any idea of the road map?
@pocarles Hello. Definitely not gonna let it be stuck. We've got a ton of ideas to keep making this thing even handier than it already is. I don't like promising roadmaps, too many things can get in the way and change. But a few top things to expect: bulk email is almost ready (send email to lots of your contacts at one time), some pipeline stuff (biggest request right now is just some more flexibility into how deals are customized/categorized), mobile apps (iphone is out and will keep getting improved, we'll get an Android app out too). And more, there are so many ways people use the product, and various hacks and integrations they use to get the most out of it. We'll just keep making it simpler to do those things. Remove as many extra steps as we can. And we've got some ideas for things no one has ever seen before :) Going to just have to watch for those.
@natekontny Thanks for the update. I appreciate. I'm giving it a try for one of my teams (actually, we used HR in one of my companies a long time ago but we canceled it after a couple of years). I let you know how it goes this time :-)
@pocarles Awesome! Thanks. Yeah, if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.