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Large free stock photo site with thousands of public photos

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How does this differ to all the other stock photo sites out there?
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@bentossell Looks like it's a single photographer's entire portfolio, released into the public domain. Great selection of photos.
@bentossell Yes, its my constantly updated portfolio. I also noticed at other places, the landscape photo seem like RAW photo, these are actually edited and are more ready out of the box.
Thanks for putting this resource together!
pictures looks good, but I couldn't find search on this website
@lasha_kakhidze are you using mobile, I know its a bit hard to find the search icon on mobile, its the magnifying glass, on web, its right on the middle of the page.
@yinan_chen yep, see it now.
I'm not sure what the point of this site is apart from a guy giving away his portfolio? Doesn't the creator place any value on his photography? Equipment, skill, time, knowledge etc all ignored in this equation?
@guilliatt It's probably a publicity statement. Great free useage and press for future gigs
@modernty @guilliatt Seems successful at least in part considering there's 500+ upvotes on Product Hunt and listed in their newsletter.
@guilliatt I'm gonna be honest. It doesn't take that much skill. It takes a DSLR(Canon t2i for me), which you can get for $300 now, a tripod($20 off amazon), a set of NDR filters($40) and lightroom/PS($20 a month) to get the quality of photos that I've taken. Its the traveling across the countinent that is expensive but I enjoy doing that and would do it as a hobby even if it weren't a job. As you notice, there is a ad on the site which I use to cover my expense. Goal is actually to attract enough visitors per day to pay off my travel costs and make it a full-time job so I can have a job traveling around North America taking photo and providing people with high quality photoss for projects. Also want to buy a canon MKIII off the ad revenue to do better night photos. I don't do wedding photography so I'm not competing with professional photographers on that end.
I would love an API where I can pull images based on search or the most recent :)
@lukepeerfly Yeah, I'll try to get this in, we do have a search function