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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
How does this differ to all the other stock photo sites out there?
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
@bentossell Looks like it's a single photographer's entire portfolio, released into the public domain. Great selection of photos.
Yinan Chen
Yinan ChenMaker@yinan_chen
@bentossell Yes, its my constantly updated portfolio. I also noticed at other places, the landscape photo seem like RAW photo, these are actually edited and are more ready out of the box.
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
Thanks for putting this resource together!
Lasha@lasha_kakhidze · Software Engineer
pictures looks good, but I couldn't find search on this website
Yinan Chen
Yinan ChenMaker@yinan_chen
@lasha_kakhidze are you using mobile, I know its a bit hard to find the search icon on mobile, its the magnifying glass, on web, its right on the middle of the page.
Lasha@lasha_kakhidze · Software Engineer
@yinan_chen yep, see it now.
Dan Guilliatt
Dan Guilliatt@guilliatt · Too many side projects, must focus!
I'm not sure what the point of this site is apart from a guy giving away his portfolio? Doesn't the creator place any value on his photography? Equipment, skill, time, knowledge etc all ignored in this equation?
Tyler@modernty · Founder of Collectve and
@guilliatt It's probably a publicity statement. Great free useage and press for future gigs
Deron Sizemore
Deron Sizemore@deronsizemore · Owner at
@modernty @guilliatt Seems successful at least in part considering there's 500+ upvotes on Product Hunt and listed in their newsletter.
Yinan Chen
Yinan ChenMaker@yinan_chen
@guilliatt I'm gonna be honest. It doesn't take that much skill. It takes a DSLR(Canon t2i for me), which you can get for $300 now, a tripod($20 off amazon), a set of NDR filters($40) and lightroom/PS($20 a month) to get the quality of photos that I've taken. Its the traveling across the countinent that is expensive but I enjoy doing that and would do it as a hobby even if it weren't a job. As you notice, there is a ad on the site which I use to cover my expense. Goal is actually to attract enough visitors per day to pay off my travel costs and make it a full-time job so I can have a job traveling around North America taking photo and providing people with high quality photoss for projects. Also want to buy a canon MKIII off the ad revenue to do better night photos. I don't do wedding photography so I'm not competing with professional photographers on that end.
Luke Kling
Luke Kling@lukepeerfly · Director of Marketing, PeerFly Inc.
I would love an API where I can pull images based on search or the most recent :)
Yinan Chen
Yinan ChenMaker@yinan_chen
@lukepeerfly Yeah, I'll try to get this in, we do have a search function