Good Company Tea

Premium CBD organic tea. For days well spent.

Introducing Good Company Tea, premium cannabis-infused organic tea. Our focus is to reimagine our daily rituals through shared experiences and premium cannabis products. Our first blend No 1 ̊ CBD Blend Organic Japanese Sencha is available now.
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Hi PH Community! I'm so excited to be sharing with you all Good Company Tea, the first product from Good Company Brands. GCT was born out of a desire to reimagine daily rituals through shared experiences and premium cannabis products; with a focus on accessibility and safety. My co-founder Khanh and I built careers in the big pharma and the entertainment/tech spaces, and with that comes a lifestyle of constant productivity so our goal here was to create a product that fits into our every day – allowing for us to slow down a bit and savor moments a little more. Coming from Asian households, tea was always a staple product and more often than not, it was always a beverage that was shared whether it was breakfast or family/social gatherings. We found this to be an incredibly powerful vehicle to recontextualize cannabis to a whole new audience. We've personally have been big fans of the magical plant for a while now especially as we see ourselves consuming less alcohol more than ever before. Cannabis has been an amazing social alternative and has also done wonders in terms of recovery and endurance efforts in everyday training (I run to stay sane). It's been nearly two years in the making but we're proud to be presenting to you our finished product. We've worked tirelessly to source organic fair-trade teas from some of the most renowned regions in the world; we then thoughtfully combine full-spectrum CBD extracts and organic ingredients using our proprietary infusion process to create distinctive blends that you'll enjoy. This means tea that looks, smells and more importantly taste like high-grade tea. We're still in the early days of what GCT can become and are constantly developing new blends and concepts to make cannabis even more accessible as it continues to cross over. We hope you get a chance to try our tea and enjoy it as much as we did making it — looking forward to hearing your feedback! - Thanh
Its just great for anytime and any where. love the mellow taste and the mellow feeling.
@le_thien thank you for trying the product!
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@yahoo @brenda_hulsey hi Brenda - you can email us at for wholesale info.
I like High Tea better with same infusions. Better flavor