Good Budget

App for the envelope system

@alwaysunday Indeed! Why I don't use them. Did a little digging and it seems they're pretty opposed to the passive sync, which I can understand. A lot of personal finance apps seem to fall on that side of the coin, but I have a sense it's because they're very 'post-Mint' (not to understate their position on actively updating your budget/spending). I personally want my personal finance management apps to update automatically, because I simply won't do it myself. It feels archaic.
@dshan I use You Need A Budget for that exact reason. I'm more in control of my budget than ever before since I input every transaction myself. Once you're used to it, it doesn't really take up much time and I always have a good sense of where I am budget-wise without having to check Mint.
@dshan that's a premium feature that I bought. Love it. World's better than Mint.
this is a smart way to budget
I wish it auto-synced to bank accts.