Looking to jazz up pictures and screenshots in your blog or how-to guides? Good Annotations provides you online tools to quickly highlight any image area and make them standout out. You can easily add browser mockups and borders as well!
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I would suggest adding undo/redo Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y . Felt that was missing.
@illiilliilili Hi! Thanks alot for your feedback, this is something we're working on for post beta so its good to hear its something you would like to see. Please let me know if you have any other feedback at all
Hi everyone, We've decided to launch our product today as we think we've made something great that lets you quickly make your screenshots look awesome. You can give them a browser border, a background and highlight important things with our annotation tools. To get started all you need to do is drag and drop an image file. We launched early because we wanted to get your guys feedback as soon as we could so let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks Product Hunt! Perry
I took a look through the website but can't understand what it does
@tidderjail Hi sorry to hear it may have been a bit confusing. Its an annotation tool for adding text, arrows and shapes to your images. We also have additional features to automatically add a browser mockup border and background when you upload a picture. This makes it super easy for people who take screenshots of their products for blogs and how to guides. It would be great to get your input on how we could make that more clear?
@perry_steward Thank you for your answer, it's confusing because take for example your home page "Ask for copy changes in your design", does the tool allow me to draw that red rectangle or the black box with text?, for me the black box is an annotation, not the rectangle. On that yellow page, "Lightning fast annotation tools" where are the tools ? What are you talking about there?
@tidderjail thanks for the feedback we really appreciate it! To help with some of your questions: 1. Annotation tools: you can arrows, text boxes and highlight specific areas with rectangles or circles 2. Tools: we have a sample page here where you can see what those tools are. Just click try sample! (Currently we only support desktop so if you are on mobile try opening it up in desktop) Thanks
Good product. As far as I understood I can set the tutorial path for any user on my site userpath or make some comments for designers to correct. Am I right?
@newt0n_barber Thanks for your comment! That’s correct if you have a flow that you would like to explain to your users in image format you can use our annotation tools to help direct them. And with your design use case you can certainly use it that way too. It’s much easier for you to actually point out and comment directly into the designs rather than having to send lengthy emails. Hope that helps :)
I tried to use but didn't work as expected... the download's result is an empty image but I know it is in beta yet and is a great idea for a tool! :-) Congratz
@michel_araujo1 Hi sorry to hear you were having some problems. It is in beta but it would be great to get more info from you to see if we can fix the problem. I'll send you a DM