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Hey Hunters! We're excited to be here and get your thoughts on what we built. What is GONG? GONG is a "not what you thought..." personalized news platform. Why "not what you thought?" because we track and leverage what people actually think and talk about on various social networks into personalization, we call it News with soul. When combined with more generic semantic and behavioral indicators, we are able to provide a powerful and accurate experience. How do we do that? GONG tracks the social engagement of over 100,000 stories and sources daily to identify what people are talking about and surface content that’s most relevant to each individual user. No fake News, No echo chambers! We'd love to know what everyone thinks. We're at the very beginning of our journey and feedback is appreciated.
@ibb by definition, doesn't this approach to monitoring activity within a set of users coupled with relevancy as a tool for surfacing stories in fact define an echo chamber? what am i missing?
@passingnotes Great question! We look at every like, tweet, share etc from every user, not only your friends or specific publications. We also don't further narrow the pool of articles by showing you only content that would make you feel good...we believe that news needs to be reliable but also diversified. Another cool feature in this context is the "similar stories" feed, that allows you to see different viewpoints of different publications on the same topic. Happy to answer anymore questions about this, it's a topic close to our hearts.
This looks great, do you think you will come out with an Android app anytime soon?
@connor_gallic we worked hard to make our mobile web version easy to use, did you try it? We are working on an iOS version that will be released soon and an Android version would be released shortly after.
I've been waiting a long time for this launch, the product looks super cool and engaging. Great work!
Nice work!
maybe that's the best response to Facebook's newsfeed so far
@assafgi Thank you. We always felt that social data is critical but is missing news specific algorithm.