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Thanks for hunting us, @hnshah! Every sale is different, and yet there really are a handful of things that make or break a sale in today’s hyper-competitive market. Am I talking to the right decision-maker? Do I manage to quickly establish personal rapport and make them trust me? Do I have all the data I need to make informed tactical decisions throughout the sales cycle? And do I find ways to overcome obstacles along the way that may stall the process or make a prospect go dark? Those are the things that distinguish good salespeople from great ones; and we want for as many sales folks out there to be great. We launch the App Store version of Gong today only for Product Hunters, so you'll get immediate access, and I welcome you all to try it out and let me know what you think. Thank you!
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Gong is like the assistant you always wished you had when doing sales. It provides you with creative insights that help you move the needle on the deals in your pipeline. If you are closing deals or doing any kind of sales, you need to check out Gong ASAP.
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@hnshah Hiten, thank you for the support and kind words!
It's been great using the Gong app over the past few weeks. From first opening the app, I've found that it's really well designed and helps to make the previously tedious task of account research/relative updates much more enjoyable and effective.
We are installing this today.... simply amazeballs
@ericlmitchell Awesome, we'd be thrilled to hear your feedback once you've given Gong a spin!
Love the concept (and the name). Will be giving this a try. @brankocerny - Curious about your inspiration for the app.
@paul_shustak Thanks for the love and excited to hear how you like it!
@paul_shustak As far as inspiration: We've been making sales software for a while with the Immediately team, and the #1 problem we hear from salespeople is simply: they get stuck. In a world where buyers are incessantly bombarded with emails and phonecalls, it’s extremely hard to find a way to get above the noise. The best salespeople find creative ways to get through to a prospect at a personal level, and establish an authentic relationship of trust that leads to a successfully closed deal. This is, however, difficult to do at scale given the sheer amount of information salespeople have to navigate, and the volume of communication they are expected to have daily. We tried to imagine a technology that helps with this - but feels very personal. And what's a more personal experience then the UX we've grown used to in dating apps :)