Gone! Lite

Drop your stuff off at UPS and we'll sell it for you

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Today we’re announcing the launch of Gone! Lite, the only app that gets users the most value for anything they no longer want or use. The average household has around 50 items around the house that are no longer used (about $3,000 in value!). Gone! is for anyone who wants to easily make extra cash for the valuables they are no longer using. Gone! is the only application that will find the best way to unlock the value of these items and does all the work. Once you download the app, you can connect your email for automatic offers on everything you've purchased online, or snap a picture of each item. Within a few minutes, the Gone! team will tell you the best path for the item, the best price and you can accept each offer you like. Then, Gone! takes it from there, including sending pre-labeled shipping boxes so you can drop off at your nearest UPS. The app is free to download, and once an item is sold for the best price, we make a small commission depending on what the item is (unlike other services that either give the least to the seller so that they can make the most money themselves, or that take the same commission for every item), the offer you get for each item already includes this commission, so there is no tedious back-and-forth, you get an offer for each item, and accept all the offers you like.
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I think it could be good if you could give more clarity around what items you accept for sale. e.g. does it have to be worth $50+, does it have to be an electronic item? etc etc
@_jacksmith That's the information I was looking for on the site. It sounds like they only do electronics, but they're not clear on that. It makes sense though, because it means generally higher prices which means better revenue for them, and less "valuable" junk being sent in. If it grows, they can always scale it to allow for a larger variety of items to sell.