The 'it just works' media center for parents.

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Hi all, i'm the 'maker' of this app, happy to answer any questions here! Basically... its a plex alternative designed for simplicity and low processing power.
Gondola is intriguing because it's open-source and can be installed on an Raspberry PI. Low power + cheap. 👌
@eonpilot I wish I ever got it working on a Pi! It worked sporadically on a GetCHIP but not too reliable.
The problem this solves seems to be kids who scratch dvds. Do you find that users are generally going from dvd format to this format? I don't know the last time I opened a dvd case myself, but I don't have kids so I'm not exactly part of the target audience either. *not bashing, just legitimately curious*
@peterfreeby As I understand it, you legal own your dvds and not all DVD titles are available on NetFlix. Add dvd .vob files to Gondola 👉 watch on Apple-tv/IPad forever. That's the idea here right @chrismcchubs ?
@eonpilot @chrismcchubs That would definitely make sense, except that for my old dvd collection I used Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr) to convert all my dvd's to video and then just uploaded them to iTunes where it syncs to the cloud automatically. It sits right alongside the other movies/tv shows/music I've bought on iTunes already without having to introduce a whole new ecosystem for my media, and works with iTunes family sharing, so I have access to all the same movies as the rest of my family.
@eonpilot @chrismcchubs It's definitely well designed and constructed, but I'm just trying to figure out what circumstances would make it the better option over already pretty efficient preexisting tech
@peterfreeby @chrismcchubs Chris is AWFK 👉 Australia time. So I guess I'm the designated liaison. I used to use Handbreak, but I rather just drag and drop dvds to an RPI + 4TB hdd. And be done with it. As for ITunes + ICloud. ICloud has maximum Allowed GB and I feel ITunes is a bit too bloated for me. We all have different "media workflows" and we all have different preferences when it comes to bandwidth/local/remote/privacy/capacity etc. I feel the idea behind Gondola is a breath of fresh air in this space.
@peterfreeby Probably not an enormous target, but hopefully I can help some interested people out. Re iTunes uploading, not an ideal solution in Australia due to our poor internet bandwidth.
On ya Chris.. this is a great idea, low powered htpc's are really great. I also love the honest way you're talking about computing options in your get started..