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GolfPass is the golf industry’s FIRST mobile app-based monthly membership. With GolfPass, your golf game has never been more flexible - or more fun. Search, view, book, and play tee times at any of our partner courses, ranging from hidden muni-gems to private courses. A GolfPass membership lets you play the golf you want!

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Are you covering the UK yet? is there a list of clubs somewhere on your website - I couldn't find one? :)
@mcmarsh - thanks for the message! All of the courses we have are currently in the US (mainly NYC metro area - for now) Courses can be seen on the iOS app which can be downloaded from your mobile device here: . While we do not yet have a presence in UK, we hope to be there one day soon.
Very interesting application for iPhone. I think my brother just needs that. He is a passionate fan of this game. He also likes this site where they write articles about various golf clubs and golf equipment.
That really is a nice one. Even though I am not a huge golf enthusiast. I love to play from time to time and I spend a lot of time on this website looking for golf grips, balls, clubs, etc. but I'd like to pay more attention to my hobby. It's quite sad when you don't have enough time to do what you really love because of routine stuff. Maybe I need to change my job or something... I don't really know.

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Don’t get golfpass!!


(Only allowed 140 characters on the product hunt review. )No advantage over the free product.

I bought a golf training device from Revolution Golf. They offered a $10 discount if I signed up for a 7-day trial membership to GolfPass. I knew I didn't want a membership to Golf Pass, let alone dealing with trying to cancel a 7-day membership to an app I don't want. Low and behold, though I never opted to get the 7-day trial, I just found that my credit card was charged $105.44 for a Golf Pass membership. Great discount, huh? I get a $10 credit but get charged $105.44 for something I don't want and never asked for. I immediately demanded cancelation of any membership and refund of my money but I have a hunch this is a big racket and I will never see a dime refunded. What a disreputable service. Never buy anything on Revolution Golf!!!