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I live literally opposite a golf course... I don't have the patience to play. Combining some clever technology and also the incentive of food could sway me into picking up my irons again ⛳️ Hopefully @GolflerJP and @FrankStephens can give us a little insight into this app 😄
@bentossell Ben, We hear you loud and clear and agree. 91% of frequent golfers report "slow pace of play" as the primary factor that prevents them from playing more golf and over half of golfers have walked off a course due to slow pace of play. Golfler leveraged the cell phones that are in golfer's pockets as a GPS monitoring device and informs the course of how long each group is taking per hole. Courses are able to send rangers out to ask slower groups to let faster groups play through, to speed it up or skip and/or return back to less crowded holes. In addition to our on-course, on demand food, beverage and merchandise delivery and/or pickup service, Golfler includes a rangefinder, tournament leader-board, scorecard, weather and messaging. All of these features are free at 13000 courses in the US --- regardless of Golfler has partnered with them.
Every time I golf and find myself waiting for the drink cart to come around. Instead they tour the course and bother many uninterested people. Then I think to myself... Why can't I hit a button to let them know we need more beers and some food instead of waiting for the turn. I hope many a course adopt this service. Great stuff.
@kristofertm Thanks for the positive feedback, Kris! Kindly let us know where you play and we'll be happy to reach out to your course(s) to coordinate your next beer. Cheers! -Jason
Hey guys, interesting product. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I signed up for an account and got an email with my password in plain text. This is really bad practice and you should change it as it puts your users at risk, especially if you're storing the passwords in plain text on the backend.
@petermatev Thanks for the feedback Peter. We considered a password reset link but received feedback from our golf course customers that the process seemed more cumbersome. Do you have any suggestions for a reasonable compromise that properly balances security concerns and the inconvenience of resetting a password?
How many courses are you partnered with for the food ordering capability? Will they deliver to you out on the course? Looks like a cool concept!
@chuckfeerick - Over 50 and growing. Yes. Courses actually deliver to your GPS location on the course.