The app that knows when the time is right to go take photos

Find the perfect weather, time and location for your next shot.

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Are you planning on a Android version?
@cesar_cardoso Sorry, not yet.
@hanablackbird @cesar_cardoso That's a shame, good luck the app looks nice.
Terrific concept, but what the heck is this doing on the Product Hunt featured page? It's not even beta yet.....
@t55 What do you mean? I can see the app on the Apps Store
@rotemthegolfer it's just released, as of july 28th. But this was hunted earlier, three month ago if you check my comment. Lovely app by the way.
@t55 oh cool. Lovely app in deed
Great concept! I showed it to a few photographer friends and they seem to like it. I would suggest perhaps adding a freemium option for attracting amateur photographers who are unsure about the need for such an app to justify paying for it. I think you'll have a good conversion rate once they realize the benefits.
Fantastic. This looks like Lumy and Photographers' Ephemeris bundled into one. Please make an IFTTT endpoint so I can use it to make my Hue lights turn on at golden hour instead of sunset!
As a photographer, I love this concept!