Golden Volunteer Organizer

Automated volunteer recruitment, management, and tracking

Golden’s free dashboards are a turnkey way to do all your volunteer management easily from any device. Once you list your volunteer opportunities through Golden, all scheduling, background checks, communication tools, hour tracking, and visualization of real time impact and lots of other analytics is automated - no data entry!

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Hey guys, very cool to see our team's work up here on PH! We're very excited that some of our most powerful, signature features are now free for grassroots organizers. That includes volunteer hour tracking, data visualizations, communication tools, and other things that aren't automated, integrated, or free anywhere else. The goal here is to enable nonprofits, schools, foundations, and other community organizers to spend their resources working more on their missions and relationships and less on time consuming administrative processes. So we've been very diligent about moving manual, everyday tasks like recruiting, scheduling, coordinating, screening, tracking, reporting, and up to the usability standards Product Hunters come to expect from our favorite software. We've also tried to make everything visual and common sense, so you don't need any sort of tech background to get the job done. Our whole team is standing by here and happy to jump in the comments. Thanks!!
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@sam_fankuchen Hey Sam, first time comment, long time fan. ;-) So Golden appears to be a great workflow management tool meets ATS. Is there a preferred use case I can review in the non-profit space?
@gbattle thanks for the comment! The most common use case for organizations today is for posting public and private opportunities to attract new and existing volunteers. The beauty of the system is that from the point of posting forward, everything is automated. That's great for making things like background checks a synchronous part of an onboarding process. The biggest deal about this release is that volunteer hour tracking, and program productivity visualization is all live. So for someone who used to spend all day on the phone and in email coordinating people and with a clipboard tracking hours, now you just post an opportunity and then look at your Insights visualizations. No data entry!
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@sam_fankuchen Really liking all the automation this provides. Can you provide more details on the communication tools within the platform?
@margaret_prowitt sure thing! So the main idea is that this can be used in conjunction with whatever works for an organizer - such as email services or CRMs. Additionally, whenever you update a Golden Opportunity, the updated details are automatically pushed to your registered volunteers and their calendars etc. It's also pretty easy to send push, sms, and email communications directly through the platform. All of that is free! As a volunteer or organizer, what sort of communication do you think might be most helpful?
@sam_fankuchen email is usually the easiest way to reach people in the group I work with but a lot of times info gets lost in long email chains. Having a central place to track details or note where to find info would be really helpful.

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