Golden Thread Tarot

A modern approach to an ancient tradition

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Tarot is one of my favorite hobbies as a very meditative process. I must have over a dozen decks. I don't always have time for it, though, and that's when I use this app. Note that there's only a few spreads available. I also check my daily tarot card every day right after midnight. If I want more information on a card, I look it up on Biddy Tarot. This app also teaches you how to use tarot if you're interested, but their accompanying deck is very expensive compared to other decks. Instead I'd recommend just picking up a basic Rider Waite deck if you're just getting started. Some people think that you have to be gifted a deck to be able to use it, but I just buy my own anyway.
@nikkielizdemere the design is pretty slick though!
@jpvalery For sure, but for that much I got the Wild Unknown tarot deck which I think is really unique.
@nikkielizdemere Whoa hey! So I'm way late to this, but thanks for hunting my app for me! It was a nice little surprise on the rare occasion that I poke into Product Hunt. It's really interesting to hear how you use it! I'm actually in the middle of adding a bunch of spreads, so stay tuned. :)
Can I say that this one of the UI in an app that I've ever seen! So intuitive, easy to use and learn about tarot cards!