Golden Hour Invoice Builder

A fully customizable, simple and free invoice builder

Hello PH. My first hunt here as a maker... πŸ’ͺ

Everything in the invoice is fully editable. Your data is saved locally and pre-filled for your next invoice. Web sample, PDF sample.

πŸ™ Would love to get your feedback.

This tool is a core component of a productivity platform that I'm building for freelancers. Curious? See the upcoming page πŸš€

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Sander Visser
Congrats on the launch, another πŸš€ from WIP chat πŸŽ‰! I like how all text is customisable. Are you planning on making it possible to customise the colours and font too? By the way, Golden Hour looks great too, just signed up for early access :)
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@fishsander Thank you, Sander. Yes, the idea is to add more themes and improve customizability. I'm looking for feedback like this to make sure I'm not working on the wrong stuff.
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Khalid AdilChief Thing Maker, Simply Human
This is pretty interesting, and could be a great tool for simple invoices! Does this current support printing?
@khalidadil_ Thank you for your comments. Glad that you like it... :) Yes, once you send the invoice, your client can view/print/download it. You'll also receive an email for reference (since there is no registration/login, the email will help you view the invoice later) from which you can also print/download it.
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