Goldbely Subscription

Monthly subscriptions - the ultimate food explorer gift

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Thanks for sharing, Nichole. Product Hunters -- we just launched our first Monthly Subscription package and would love your feedback. If you know people who love food, we think this makes the best gift ever. You get 12 months of our favorite regional food discoveries from around the country (shipped to your door for free) without leaving the couch :)
@joeariel I love it! I'm getting one for my mom for Christmas. I'm working on a product called Lettuce in which you can share "decks" of your recommendations that your followers can swipe through. ( I'd love to compare notes and talk: I think we can help each other out :)
"Yo, Food Explorers! For the last year, so many folks have asked us to put together a monthly subscription of some of our fave eats from around the country. The day is finally here! Every month, we’ll send you (or a lucky giftee!) a new box filled with carefully hand selected food explorer favorites—anything from legendary spots like Florida’s Mike’s Pies (famous for their Killer Key Lime Pie) to Kansas City’s Jack Stack BBQ to San Francisco’s legendary It’s-It Ice Cream Sandwiches. For the first time in history, you (or a lucky friend) get to take an epic monthly food road trip across the USA without leaving your couch!"