Gold Stars

Foil stars for iMessage

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Gold stars worked so well for me in kindergarten. I was the best child.
When inspiration strikes, you gotta act. While chatting about our app @StampPack, we thought of adding a gold star, and then thought, why not do it as its own separate sticker pack? It would be a throwback to the gold stars we used to be rewarded with as children. I definitely remember feeling excited about receiving a gold star on my homework. Even as an adult, the thought of a gold star still excites me. You can seriously relive your childhood glee with these stickers. There're lots of ways you can use them in iMessages, from casting your vote, to rewarding an achievement or adding your congratulations. You can also use them to decorate your photos or handwritten messages. In addition to gold, we also have included metallic blue, red, green, silver and purple. Each colour comes in 3 sizes (large, medium and small), and we also plan to add more colours over time. Stacking the three sizes on top of each other can also yield some pretty cool effects. It was really fun to design an icon that was reminiscient of the foil sticker packs the stars could be purchased in. We thought it was really good at invoking a nostalgic feeling. Besides this, we also added the colours behind the stickers in the app, so as you peel a star, it feels like you're peeling a real sticker from a sticker sheet. We hope you will enjoy Gold Stars. We'd love to know what you think!
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