Gold Fig

Version control for settings pages

Gold Fig is a Chrome extension that tracks settings and changes across all the SaaS tools you use. It records config changes as you make them and auto-creates a screencast so that you have a future reference for exactly how you configured the services you use.
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Ahoy PH 👋 & thanks for hunting us @katmanalac 😸 We’re building Gold Fig to help individuals and teams who are trying to make sense of all the different online tools they use every day. So much of the work we do ends up being captured in web forms and control panels, whether it’s ecommerce work in Shopify or engineering on AWS. We wanted a way to track what we were doing to save it for later reference, and also to share with our team so everyone is up-to-date. Gold Fig not only captures what you change, but automatically creates screencasts so you can remember exactly what you did to set something up. Or maybe something is broken, and the person who did the work is stuck on a plane. Now you have a starting point to see what they did and make the fix yourself! When you've made a change, you can include a message to provide your rationale, so that you and your teammates will understand the "why" of the change, not just the "what". Changes can be sent to Slack, Zapier, or Github so that your team stays up to date on how the tools they use are being changed. Please give it a try and let us know what you think, it’s free for teams up to 3 people!
Extremely smart idea! Sounds incredibly valuable, especially to larger companies. Wish we'd had this at Yahoo :)
@rajiv_ayyangar Thank you! You're spot on — it's teams that have multiple members making changes to their services that are getting the most out of Gold Fig.
I've been wanting this since 2007.
Having a history of who changed what when is so valuable. Brilliant that the "how" and "why" are accounted for by screencasts and messages too. Congrats on the launch!
@jasonbarry Thanks for the support!
Easy to use and solves a pressing problem