Motorcycle ride hailing in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Gokada is the most popular on-demand bike taxi app in Nigeria. Founded in 2018, They have completed thousands of rides and have saved Nigerians countless hours in traffic.
This is such a great idea for transport in Nigeria! Growing up, these 'okadas' were a primary form of transport and this is such a great way to connect our tech loving generation with this form of transport!
@lanre_akinyemi Thats so interesting I didnt know it was some what named after a form of transport, great idea centralising that and building it into a company. I must go to Nigeria for a visit!
@aaronoleary Indeed! The name play is πŸ’―and word is their branding is πŸ”₯. Don't worry I'll take you on my next visit
recently was in Colombia and thought that someone should make uber for bikes since people use it as a main mode of transportation and it's convenient, fast , and cheap, great seeing this
Gokada just raised a round of $5.3 million. So interesting to see the different routes ride sharing companies are taking in other parts of the world. Would love to see how . expandable this is