The Keyboard for Fun

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This is the best landing page for a fun app that I have seen in a LONG time
@jw! The landing page is beautiful. Great example for others. You made a splash in the press in early April when you announced your new company and funding. This was before Apple revealed iOS 8 custom keyboards (I think). Was something like Goji the plan from the beginning?
@rrhoover Great question, actually had the same one. Also, Josh has done a good job recruiting and many are ex-Apple so maybe they had some insight?
@rrhoover back in April we certainly weren't thinking keyboards, but we started this adventure with the desire to create multiple related experiences on top of a common platform and set of tools. Devices and context change frequently, so you can imagine a variety of different ways we could make it more fun to go out and get together. The decision to build a keyboard was a recent one, spurred on by the release of iOS 8. Communicating plans and things to do (and emoji) were already parts of our natural conversation — so building a keyboard seemed like an obvious match for us.
@jw This answers my question. When the keyboard was announced today, I thought, you guys must be releasing a few apps. I can't wait commute back to SF shortly to try this out.
Nice idea @jw! Certainly one of the most interesting I've seen for a 3rd-party keyboard. On-boarding was also great... up until the point I discovered Goji isn't available "in these parts" :( — is this the entire UK or just my area? What areas do you support?
@oliverwaters Goji is live today in LA, SF, Portland, Austin, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We're excited to bring Goji to new areas soon. Where should Goji be?
@jw Chicago! :)
Truly unique and potentially useful idea. Josh still knows how to make things genuinely fun. Excited to play around with it more.
You had me at Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club.